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Day Twenty-Two

11:39 p.m.: Well apparently I’ve crossed the line from seize the night, crazy, wild, single girl to totally lame but perfectly content staying home on a Friday night watching Zoolander person. Oh well. I’ve been working a lot of course. It’s been fun. Never boring of course. No boys are particularly striking my fancy at the moment. A few are trying to hang out. Ex-boyfriend drunkenly tried to get me to go out last night. I didn’t oblige. The highlight of my night has been beating level 350 in candy crush. Mother fuckin thing had me stuck for 3 months. Anyways hooray!

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Day Twelve

1:42 p.m.: I got a raise today! Hooray!  Even after I forgot my boss’s dry cleaning the day of a big event.  Oops.

7:06 p.m.: Get invited out for a beer at the place No Longer F No Longer FB works.  My friend calls and they say he is working tonight.  Ugh.  Debate for 10 minutes whether I should go or not.  Finally decide I should.  Make sure I look good. Have a mini heart attack.  He’s not even working. Oh well.  Have a beer and then head to Old Chi for trivia night.

12:15 a.m.: Just got home.  I’ve been thinking about Boss’s Friend a lot.  The day after we hung out we texted all day, then the same thing the next day.  Then today nothing.  At first I was enamored, but I guess you could say it’s diminishing.  Today I was just sitting there thinking how happy I was being single.  But it’s hard for me to forget how well we clicked.  Maybe I should try harder though; I can’t just ignore the fact that he lives two hours away.  Anyways, I promised myself I won’t text him again unless he texts me, which isn’t a struggle or anything, just a mental note.

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