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Day Twenty

2:24 a.m.: Just got home from night out for one of my best friends’ birthdays.  Naturally No Longer F No Longer WB was there.  I was expecting it.  It’s been long enough now that we just comfortably ignored each other for most of the night.  After we were both adequately inebriated he ended up saying what’s up to me but we were sitting in a group and it wasn’t a big deal.  I can’t even imagine having sex with him again.  He’s just so unappealing to me now.  Band Guy was there too.  He gave me a big hug.  He was playing all night, and I eventually came up to him and said he needed to quit it and hang out with me.  He smiled and did.  Apparently he didn’t text me a few weeks ago because my number didn’t save in his phone.  He even showed me.  Weird.  Anyways I could totally tell he was into me.  He’s sweet for sure, but I’m not enamored or anything.  Oh well.  It’ll feel good to be chased.

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Day Sixteen

4:22 p.m.:  Off to Bloomington!  Went to the gym today so I don’t feel like a total lump later.

7:34 p.m.:  Decide to go to my friend’s apartment before I go to see the guy I’m staying with.  I don’t know the guy I’m staying with very well, I guess I’ll call him Gender Studies Friend because that’s the class we met in a year or so ago.  We’ve kept in vague touch.  Friendly, never anything sexual.

12:01 a.m.:  Been pregaming with my friends, finally got out the door and meet Gender Studies Friend and his roommates at a party.  We don’t even go inside it’s so packed, we decide to head to the bars.  Me and my friends drink more in the car before we go in.  Fireball.  It just tastes so good.  I never take shots, but hey, I’m on vacation.

1:?? a.m.:  I’m losing track of time.  Drunk.  At some point Gender Studies Friend and I go down and watch the band.  I see a few people I know.  Hugs and excitement and all that.  By the time we leave I’ve had 3 double Vodka Cranberries.  Drunkerer.

2:09 a.m.:  Gender Studies friend wants to leave so we head back to his house.  Hang out with some of his roommates and his friends for a little bit and then get in bed.

3:11 a.m.:  Ugh.  He’s trying relentlessly to have sex with me.  At first I’m just blatantly too drunk to have sex, but he tries for so long that eventually I just give in.  I told myself I wouldn’t, but hey, I’m on vacation.  Go back and forth between feeling guilty and not giving a shit.  Land on trying to forget it.

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