Day Nineteen

11:22 a.m.: Get a group text from this guy I used to kind of talk to last summer. I went away to school and we both got serious with other people so it never turned into anything. He’s still with his girl. I’m not really sure what to call him besides 28-year-old Who Seems to Have a Crush on Me. You’ll see why.

9:47 p.m.: Don’t get over to his house til half time. I know everyone here from hanging out with him so much last summer. Also me and his sister were in the same grade at the same school from K-8, so I guess you could say we all go back a while in some way or another. Anyways we all start drinking and having a good time.

12:11 a.m.: We all start talking about going out and the only one who can’t is Seems to Have a Crush’s girlfriend (I forgot to mention she just graduated high school). Anyways she starts crying saying he can’t go and don’t leave me and all this. Ugh drama. And his sister starts crying because she doesn’t want to deal with her crazy bullshit. Lord. Anyways we all eventually get to the bar, much to my surprise. On the way there all the guys in the car are literally singing songs about how great I am. I should’ve recorded that shit.

2:45 a.m.: On the way back from the bars. Seems to Have a Crush is now proclaiming that he’s going to marry me and that I’m a bomb ass bitch. He’s really fucking drunk.

3:33 a.m.: Holy Shit. He’s all over me in front of his girlfriend while simultaneously telling her to shut up and go away. So weird. Oddly enough she doesn’t make a huge deal out of it. He says loudly that I’m the prettiest girl in the world. I just hope she didn’t hear. It eventually gets to be too much and we all leave.

4:58 a.m.: Text from my best friends brother who is best friends with Seems to Have a Crush. “That was weird!!” I come back with “Which fucking part??” To which he replies “hahahahaha But I was referring to how awkward it was when **** was hugging all over you in front of her!!” Well if someone else noticed now its totally awkward. I was just trying to play it off but whatever. We talk a while about how dysfunctional their relationship is and stuff. We both don’t understand why they’re together.

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Day Eighteen

1:22 a.m.: Just got home from hanging out with Boss’s Friend. It was pretty obvious that all he was interested in was sex. He wasn’t overly aggressive or anything, though. He tried to get me to stay the night with him, and I debated it, but after a lot of me saying all I wanted to do was sleep and him saying that’s fine, I finally asked if I should trust him and he said, “Probably not.” So I took his advice and left. He kissed me goodbye, but I doubt I’ll be hearing from him again. Oh well. He’s not as sweet as I thought he was. When I got home, I was getting out of my car and this black guy was walking by. I kind of freaked out but I decided to be nice and just say hi while I was walking in. He said, “Girl you’re gorgeous. You’re probably married. I’ll tell you what don’t let anyone cheat you.” The universe is funny sometimes.

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Day Seventeen

1:16 p.m.: Headed back home. Friend is coming with me so he can pick up a car. I’m glad to not have to drive back alone. It makes it go by faster. I ask him his opinion about Boss’s Friend. He says it’s likely he might try up have sex with me but not for sure. Sex makes everything complicated. Fuck.

11:50 p.m.: Been texting with Boss’s Friend for a while. He says he’s “excited for our movie night on Friday.” I’m afraid I really want this to be something it’s not, which is cute and romantic while in reality he’s just going to try to get laid. Merp.

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Day Sixteen

4:22 p.m.:  Off to Bloomington!  Went to the gym today so I don’t feel like a total lump later.

7:34 p.m.:  Decide to go to my friend’s apartment before I go to see the guy I’m staying with.  I don’t know the guy I’m staying with very well, I guess I’ll call him Gender Studies Friend because that’s the class we met in a year or so ago.  We’ve kept in vague touch.  Friendly, never anything sexual.

12:01 a.m.:  Been pregaming with my friends, finally got out the door and meet Gender Studies Friend and his roommates at a party.  We don’t even go inside it’s so packed, we decide to head to the bars.  Me and my friends drink more in the car before we go in.  Fireball.  It just tastes so good.  I never take shots, but hey, I’m on vacation.

1:?? a.m.:  I’m losing track of time.  Drunk.  At some point Gender Studies Friend and I go down and watch the band.  I see a few people I know.  Hugs and excitement and all that.  By the time we leave I’ve had 3 double Vodka Cranberries.  Drunkerer.

2:09 a.m.:  Gender Studies friend wants to leave so we head back to his house.  Hang out with some of his roommates and his friends for a little bit and then get in bed.

3:11 a.m.:  Ugh.  He’s trying relentlessly to have sex with me.  At first I’m just blatantly too drunk to have sex, but he tries for so long that eventually I just give in.  I told myself I wouldn’t, but hey, I’m on vacation.  Go back and forth between feeling guilty and not giving a shit.  Land on trying to forget it.

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Day Fifteen

12:05 p.m.:  On my way back home.  Last night was fabulous, even if Bowling Green did get really f’ing sweaty.  He tries to make me stay, he’s a sweet heart.  We have a nice understanding that we both like each other and that it’s a little more than just sex, but not enough to justify being in a long distance relationship or anything.  Whatever it is, it works.

3:13 p.m.: Text from Boss’s Friend! “How was your week stranger?”  It’s good to know he doesn’t hate me or something.  He doesn’t waste any time saying he’s going to be in town next Friday and wants to “watch a movie or something.” He says he’s only going to be here for the night because he’s headed to Indy for a wedding Saturday morning.  Part of me is flattered that he wants to spend the little time he’s here with me, but another part of me is worried that he’s counting on getting laid.  He’s not the kind of guy I could just have sex with and walk away from, which I really don’t want to do at all now anyways.  I just like him, and I hope it’s not weird.

11:42 p.m.: Friend calls me, he’s totally drunk.  Asking if I wanna come to his house and drink.  Trying to decide if I want to.  I’m going to Bloomington tomorrow, and I don’t want to get burnt out and not feel like raging tomorrow night.

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Day Fourteen

1:43 p.m.:  Bowling Green told me the day before that he has Friday off and that I should come down there later tonight.  Now he tells me he doesn’t think he’s getting off til later.  I tell him if he finds out he’ll get off earlier let me know, since I have time to come down.  I don’t really care either way.  It’d be nice to get it in, but I’m not counting on it.

6:46 p.m.:  Bowling Green texts me and tells me to get down there.  I finish up some work stuff, take a shower, obsess over what to wear, and hit the road.

10:02 p.m.:  Made it here finally.  His house is feeling low key.  Was kind of hoping we were gonna go out, but oh well.  We all watch the Vandy game.  It’s a wild one!  His roommates slowly start to drop like flies, then he turns my head and kisses me.  He’s such a good kisser.  Refreshing.

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Day Thirteen

11:47 p.m.: Still haven’t heard from Boss’s Friend. Merp. However, today he called my boss and one of the first things out of my boss’s mouth was “Yeah she’s right next to me.” And then they got off the phone. WTF. First of all he promised not to talk about it with my boss, and second why are you talking about me instead of to me. Stupid boys.

Day Twelve

1:42 p.m.: I got a raise today! Hooray!  Even after I forgot my boss’s dry cleaning the day of a big event.  Oops.

7:06 p.m.: Get invited out for a beer at the place No Longer F No Longer FB works.  My friend calls and they say he is working tonight.  Ugh.  Debate for 10 minutes whether I should go or not.  Finally decide I should.  Make sure I look good. Have a mini heart attack.  He’s not even working. Oh well.  Have a beer and then head to Old Chi for trivia night.

12:15 a.m.: Just got home.  I’ve been thinking about Boss’s Friend a lot.  The day after we hung out we texted all day, then the same thing the next day.  Then today nothing.  At first I was enamored, but I guess you could say it’s diminishing.  Today I was just sitting there thinking how happy I was being single.  But it’s hard for me to forget how well we clicked.  Maybe I should try harder though; I can’t just ignore the fact that he lives two hours away.  Anyways, I promised myself I won’t text him again unless he texts me, which isn’t a struggle or anything, just a mental note.

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Day Eleven

10:18 a.m.: Get up.  Ugh.  Big day today.  We have a big charity event that we’re doing tonight and I still don’t have all the stuff we need.  Time to run errands!

3:01 p.m.: Pull up to the event, get things unloaded, set up, direct people what to do, change clothes, get ready for the craziness!

8:12 p.m.: Craziness subsided.  One of the guys that was helping us kept calling me Rachel.  Weird.  Find Boss’s Fiance and Boss’s Friend.  I’m 3 beers and a couple glasses of wine deep at this point.  Me and Boss’s friend really hit it off.  We just clicked.

9:36 p.m.: Get a text from Boss’s Friend who got my number earlier that night so that I could meet him at the door with his ticket.  He’s flirting but not in a creepy way.  I’m drunk.  I keep telling him to come to this party me and my friends are at.  I keep drinking and having an awesome time and drunk texting a bunch of people.

2:51 a.m.: Text from Boss’s Friend saying he passed the fuck out.  I’m driving so I call him.  I tell him I’m waiting for my friend to text me back, he tells me to come wait over there.  I do.

5:45 a.m.: On my way home.  Now I have a huge crush on him.  He’s super sweet, super funny, and totally didn’t try to have sex with me.  We just made out and talked and laughed.  The worst part is he’s living in Nashville now and was only here for the weekend.  FML.

Day Ten

9:08 a.m.: Get up.  Ugh.  Have plans with Ex-boyfriend today.  Trying not to get my hopes up because things always seem to come up/go wrong when we have plans.

12:20 p.m.: Get off work yay!  Call Ex-Boyfriend.  He’s hungover and half alive but tells me to come over.

12:29 p.m.: Text from Ex-Boyfriend.  His girlfriend came home unexpectedly.  Can’t hang out.  Fuck.  I get an instant urge to never talk to him again for the 7th time.  I tell him how much this sucks, how I don’t want to feel like this.  He says he doesn’t want me to feel “anything but amazing.”  I can’t help that I love him, but the timing right now is absolutely horrible.

8:42 p.m.: Text from Distant but Interesting asking what I’m doing tonight.  He texted me last night at 2:30 a.m. while I was asleep and I never answered.  We talk back and forth a little bit.  Eventually offers to pick me up so we can smoke.

11:58 p.m.:  Distant is outside.  Be out in a sec!

3:56 a.m.: Just got home.  What a weird night.  It started off fine, just went on a route with Distant and his friend.  Then his friend took us to Distant’s house and left.  We eventually decided to watch a movie, and he was acting like he wanted to have sex with me.  I was not planning on it, and so I was trying not to move things along.  We only kissed for a brief moment, the rest was just hardxcore cuddling.  Anyways nothing happened and he took me home.  Whatever. I think he’s still hung up on his ex.  Have fun with that buddy.