Day Six

11:32p.m.: Late start tonight.  Oh well, not letting that slow me down!  Gettin my drank on.

1:04a.m.: Get to the next bar and see Bowling Green pretty much immediately.  I walk up and say hi because I literally never see him out.  It’s loud as fuck so he leans in to say something to me, and I swear he was about to kiss me right there but instead he says, “I have a girlfriend.  It happened yesterday.”  I’m kinda like wtf and who cares so I just say, “Duly noted,” and walk away.

1:33a.m.: I’m getting bored quick and start texting all the guys I know that I think are attractive.  Classy right?

1:38a.m.: Text back from Personal Trainer.  Not my personal trainer of course, but that’s what he does.  Anyways I know him from school, but we’re both from here and living at home again.  I haven’t seen him in years, and I was always closer with his friends than I was with him.

1:43a.m.:  Get to Personal Trainer’s house.  He’s actually kind of witty and charming, which I was not expecting.  Did I mention how drunk I was?  Yeah.  Really drunk.  Drunk enough for me to tell him that I thought I was going to hate him but that “I actually kind of like you!”  *facepalm.*  Anyways, it was drunk sex.  Nothing to write home about.  But he was nice to hang out with and I’d probably do it again.

5:49a.m.:  Headed home.  People are going to church.  Win.

1:32p.m.: Wake up to 10 missed calls and 12 texts.  Bowling Green says, “Sorry for being a dick last night.”  What? He might think I actually care about what he does.  I could care less that he has a girlfriend, and I really didn’t think he was a dick last night so I reply, “lol I didn’t really think you were a dick but thanks?”  He doesn’t say anything.  Probably won’t talk to him for a while.  I need to start cutting ties around here to be honest.


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