Day Three

10:00p.m.: After my friends have failed offer any excitement, I start making my texting rounds.  In the midst of this, Chicago texts me, being weird as ever.  I don’t know why I keep thinking he’s going to suddenly start acting normal.  Anyways, Pool Manager texts me back first, but says they aren’t going out for a while and he’ll call me.  He’s been trying to hang out a lot lately, but I’m just not into the kid.

11:34p.m.:  I finally get sick of looking for something to do and decide to head home.

11:47p.m.: Pool Manager calls me, I almost don’t answer.  He says they’re going to Ri Ra’s.  I say I’ll meet him there.

12:04a.m.: I’m there sitting in the parking lot, tired as shit, and decide I’d rather just go home.  I don’t feel like rebutting advances tonight.  It’s fucking exhausting. 

3:04a.m.: Missed call & text from Bowling Green that says his phone has been dead and he just left Backstage.  I was asleep but just happen to wake up right after he sent this.  I debate texting back, but sleep fog wins.


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