Day Eighteen

1:22 a.m.: Just got home from hanging out with Boss’s Friend. It was pretty obvious that all he was interested in was sex. He wasn’t overly aggressive or anything, though. He tried to get me to stay the night with him, and I debated it, but after a lot of me saying all I wanted to do was sleep and him saying that’s fine, I finally asked if I should trust him and he said, “Probably not.” So I took his advice and left. He kissed me goodbye, but I doubt I’ll be hearing from him again. Oh well. He’s not as sweet as I thought he was. When I got home, I was getting out of my car and this black guy was walking by. I kind of freaked out but I decided to be nice and just say hi while I was walking in. He said, “Girl you’re gorgeous. You’re probably married. I’ll tell you what don’t let anyone cheat you.” The universe is funny sometimes.

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