Day Fourteen

1:43 p.m.:  Bowling Green told me the day before that he has Friday off and that I should come down there later tonight.  Now he tells me he doesn’t think he’s getting off til later.  I tell him if he finds out he’ll get off earlier let me know, since I have time to come down.  I don’t really care either way.  It’d be nice to get it in, but I’m not counting on it.

6:46 p.m.:  Bowling Green texts me and tells me to get down there.  I finish up some work stuff, take a shower, obsess over what to wear, and hit the road.

10:02 p.m.:  Made it here finally.  His house is feeling low key.  Was kind of hoping we were gonna go out, but oh well.  We all watch the Vandy game.  It’s a wild one!  His roommates slowly start to drop like flies, then he turns my head and kisses me.  He’s such a good kisser.  Refreshing.

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