Day Three

12:42 p.m.: Well there was one guy that I didn’t tell you about yesterday because I didn’t want to.  But now I guess I have to.  The Guy Who Broke My Heart.  We dated for about 9 months, lived together, I fell in love, he didn’t.  He broke up with me in April, and I’m just now feeling normal again.  I was in a bad place when we dated.  I was completely dependent on him; I would’ve run for the hills too if I had been in his position.  Anyways I walk into Subway and guess who I see.  We’ve been in Evansville together the entire summer, and I’ve managed to avoid seeing him until right now.  Our only mutual friend is there too.  I’m thankful for this, it makes it less awkward and more humorous.  So I walk in, say hi to Mutual Friend and ignore Heart Breaker who obnoxiously says “Hiiii Bridget.” I still ignore him.  I’m glad I look good today.  Anyways I get my sandwich, Mutual Friend walks out to my car with me.  I talk to him about some painting work I need done and about how I can’t believe that just happened.

12:53 p.m.: Thank god that is over.  Driving back to work now.  I’ve been dreading this moment since he broke up with me, and I’m pleasantly surprised it wasn’t as awful as I had imagined it to be.

8:14 p.m.:  Going to dinner with Mutual Friend and his family.  I ask him if he thinks I should text Heart Breaker and apologize for being a bitch earlier.  He says don’t.  He’s so right.  I’ve come all this way as far as getting over him goes and getting back to being okay with myself.  Talking to him now would ruin all of that and just lead to bad things one way or another.

11:21 p.m.:  Home from dinner.  Get a text from Chicago saying he wishes I was there and wants to talk to me on the phone.  We haven’t done anything but text since we started talking to each other again a couple weeks ago.  I ignore him.  He calls anyways.  Ignore.

11:46 p.m.: Chicago texts a sad face.  I feel bad and lie and say I’m out and that I’ll call later even though I don’t plan it.  He starts spouting off about how he’s been thinking about me a lot lately and how my smile gives him butterflies.  I’m not really sure what to say to these things.  I can only say “thank youuu!” and “you’re so sweet =]” so many times.

11:58 p.m.: Text from Bowling Green – “what up.”  We actually haven’t talked in a while.  Our conversations always happen at night and usually involve one of us being intoxicated.  I think we’re both actually sober right now.  I would totally date this kid if we lived in the same city, but I’m just fine with the flirting and the occasional road trip.


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