Day Six

12:14 a.m.: Wish I was more tired right now.  Cleaned out my closet today, so I’m officially not living out of boxes and suitcases anymore.  Feels nice, but there’s still a lot of things I need to do to settle in to my new living space.  Oh well, it can wait.  Still haven’t heard from Band Guy.  Maybe No Longer F No Longer WB got to him.  Oh well.  Not too worried about it.  I did hear from Distant but Interesting guy today.  We talked a little bit at the beginning of the summer and then stopped.  I saw him again and he kind of explained he was involved in some weird shit with his ex but that he “wanted to see what was going on with me.”  So we’ve talked occasionally again.  He’s super busy with school all the time so we haven’t really hung out, but he’s fun to talk to on the rare occasion that we do.  Anyways, been trying not to think too much about No Longer F No Longer WB. It’s inevitable we’re going to see each other out at some point, and I know he’s too proud to apologize.  We have pretty much all the same friends.  Fuck.  He’s the one that made it awkward so he’s the one that can leave places if he doesn’t want to be around me.  Also, I talked to one of my friends about moving to Colorado in a year.  Pretty pumped about that.  We’re planning a visit in the Fall.  Can’t wait to see all my bbys that have moved out there!


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