Day Five

12:11 p.m.: Wake up. Call my friend that’s in town from Colorado who I kinda ditched last night to go get laid. He’s not mad about it. We go get lunch.

10:16 p.m. On my way home from work. Learned from a coworker that Heart Breaker was walking past the restaurant. Both happy and sad I didn’t see him. Happy because I hate him. Sad because I looked damn good. She also told me that F no longer WB was rumored to have been fucking around while it was understood that we were exclusive with each other. I’m pretty pissed when I hear this. Fucking bastard.

11:36 p.m.: Texting Pool Manager. Convince him we should go swimming at his house. We make out and cuddle and watch Portlandia. It’s fun, but there’s just no spark. This depresses me. Why do I only feel sparks with ass holes?

2:23 a.m.: On my way home. Decide to call F no longer WB and ask him about what I heard tonight. He says he was fucking someone else the first week we started, but stopped after that. I tell him I heard the girl was dirty, and he seems a little shaken. The conversation is awkward. He ends it with “Well is that the only reason you called me?” “Yeah..” “Okay well bye.”  Whatever. I’m not going to waste energy on someone like that.

3:23 a.m.: Really fucking mean, uncalled for text from F no longer WB. No longer F no longer WB.

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