1:30 p.m.: Stopped in traffic and a guy next to me in a convertible smiles and waves. I smile back. He’s cute but I don’t roll down my window. Too much.

10:12p.m.: End up texting Used to Be Obsessed with Me. We dated and had great sex in high school. I wish he indulged me more nowadays.

11:23 p.m.: After pregaming at my house for a bit longer than anticipated we all head out. I see this guy that F no longer WB (who I still haven’t spoken to) is in a band with. Decide to get my flirt on

12:47 p.m.: He’s totally flirting back. I give him my number and he says he’s going to take me out sometime. He asks if I’m dating anyone, and if I’m looking to date anyone. No and maybe. Then he asks if me and F no longer WB ever dated. I say no, and it’s not a lie.

2:08 a.m.: drunk. On my way to Used to Be Obsessed’s house. Totes excited to end my two week dry spell.

4:30 a.m.: Head home. It was amazing as always. I just wish it happened more often.

Day Four

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